Top 10 Windows 7 Gadgets

By now, the words “gadgets” and “Windows 7” need no introduction to the readership of this blog. Gadgets are tiny things that makes your life easy. Some serve specialized purposes, such as the minimize gadget for minimizing all the windows on your screen with just one click [no need to explain why you would need THAT one 😉 ] ;while some of them have no purpose at all,like “Desktop Eyes” following the movement of your cursor, or gadgets that create fireworks on your desktop and even dancing babies*shudders*…Then there are the useful ones that connect to your social networking sites, bring you your daily feeds, the weather, foreign exchange rates, even what’s cooking in the nearest restaurant!

Here is a list of the 10 must-have windows 7 gadgets for the sane, mostly busy, and not-so-average windows 7 user:

10. The Language Translator Gadget

The Google Translator engine integrated into a small handy gadget for your desktop translation needs and it covers about 54 languages with a pretty decent translation job. To work it needs to connect to the internet and won’t work offline.


Translation using Lanugage Translator Gadget

9. Clipboard Manager

Hate it when your last copied item isn’t readily available when you select a new one, and you have to go all the way to find the clipboard? This little gadget caters to all your quick clipboard requirements. Around 5-6 recent copies, and filtering out any unnecessary stuff you don’t want saved on your clipboard. Download

Clipboard Manager

8. The Drives Meter

A useful monitoring gadget, like the name says it. It shows free space, used space, total space, download speed, upload speed and supports upto four drives. This makes the set of three with “the network meter” and “the GPU observer” gadgets. The skin can be changed, and also the drive to be displayed.


The Drive Meter

7. The Network Meter

This is a 2-in-1 network meter, which monitors your wired AND wireless network. It features SSID, signal quality, IP address, External IP address (which can be copied), IP lookup with google maps, Refresh net, Speed Test (link to the webpage),  upload and download speeds, the current usage and total usage, along with a graph of the internet activity.


The Network Meter

6. Magic Folder

Too lazy to organize your files? Just drag them on this all-too-willing magic folder and they will automatically get sorted and sent to their respective folders, pictures to pictures folder, songs to music folder etc.Other than that you can create custom settings for each type of file that you want sent to some specific location, e.g. excel sheets to your project folder etc. Never get a cluttered desktop anymore!


Magic Folder

5. Launch Control

There are many launch gadgets and control gadgets out there but this one, in its simplicity, outsmarts all of them. It controls all your application (Internet explorer, media player, and any other shortcut that you place there), utilities (Command prompt, Calculator, Notepad etc) and control options (Control panel, Shut down button, Hibernate, Lock etc)  in just one tiny gadget on your screen. There is also the option of locking the buttons in case some toddler toddles up to your PC and starts clicking about randomly on your desktop. It’s easily customizable so you can modify it to fit your needs.

No more cluttering of your desktop with application shortcuts! No more scrolling through the programs list in the Start Menu!


Launch Control Gadget

4. The ALL CPU Meter

One of the most famous gadgets out there, to monitor all your cores separately. It can support upto sixteen cores (two, four, six, eight, twelve, sixteen). It shows the total CPU usage,the usage of each core separately and supports Core Temp application to display each core’s temperature in front of it. It also displays RAM usage.  Download

The CPU Meter

3. The GPU Observer

A MUST-have for the hardcore graphics requirements, in short, “gaming”, to keep track of your GPU before it blows up, instead of using other fancy apps, this humble little desktop gadget show you your basic specs at one glance. It shows the GPU load, VPU load,(if supported by your graphics card), the temperature, and clock speeds etc. Download

GPU Observer Gadget

2. I Forgot The Milk Gadget

As the name says it, it is basically a “To-Do List”, and has everything a To-Do List needs such as prioritization, time tracking, repetition (such as getting the milk daily :P) options and even the “postpone” option for all us couch potatoes, but sadly it also keeps track of the number of times you postpone it, to make you feel ashamed. It is connected to your “Remember the Milk” account which keeps detail track of your tasks. Download

I Forgot the Milk Gadget

1. Sphere Timer

This is THE clock for your desktop. No fancy skins, no analog hands, just a simple clock, for all your clocking needs. Includes 12/24hr system; unlimited alarms with the option of choosing your own wake up sound; a chronometer recording  unlimited laps; and countdown utility, ALL in one gadget, so you wouldn’t need a separate app for each. And it doesnt always come in this boring blue color (I just prefer it this way), there are limited skin changing options to make it look less dry.  Download

The Sphere Timer

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