Top 10 most advanced tanks

No 4. Merkava – Israel

Units built 1730
Weight 65 tonnes
Crew 4
Armor Classified composite matrix of laminated ceramic-steel-nickelalloy. Sloped modular design.
Speed 55 km/h off road

44 550x368 Top 10 most advanced tanks4a2 550x275 Top 10 most advanced tanks

This is the main battle tank of the Israel Defense Forces. It arguably protects its crew better than any other tank on the planet. The Merkava series of tanks actually dates back to 1960s and since then four main variants of the tank have been deployed: Merkava Mark I, Merkava Mark II, Merkava Mark III and Merkava Mark IV. The latest edition, Merkava Mark IV, is in development since 1999.

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No 3. T-90 Vladimir – Russia

Units built 1730
Weight 46.5 tonnes
Crew 3
Armor Steel-composite-reactive blend

vs APFSDS: 550 mm + 250-280mm with Kontakt-5 = 800-830mm; vs HEAT: 650 mm + 500-700mm with Kontakt-5 = 1,150-1,350mm

Speed 60 km/h

34 550x366 Top 10 most advanced tanks3a3 550x412 Top 10 most advanced tanks

This is the main battle tank of Russia and is derived from the T-72. It is the most advanced tank with the Russian Ground Forces and Naval Infantry and is equipped with high tech thermal sights in addition to other top of the line equipment. It is currently in service with 5 countries around the world, including Saudi Arabia and India.

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