Top 10 most advanced tanks

No 6. Leclerc – France

Units built 862
Weight 54.5
Crew 3
Armor Steel, titanium, NERA
Speed 71 km/h

63 550x412 Top 10 most advanced tanks6a3 550x344 Top 10 most advanced tanks

Built by Nextar, the Leclerc is named after General Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque. Currently France and UAE are its operators. The Leclerc has an eight-cylinder diesel engine with five forward and 2 reverse gears. It is claimed to be one the fastest tank on the planet.

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No 5. ZTZ-99 – China

Weight 54 – 58 tonnes depending on the variant
Crew 3
Armor Classified, Al2O3, ERA, composite, Steel 30-31mm
Speed 80 km/h

54 550x372 Top 10 most advanced tanks5a2 550x333 Top 10 most advanced tanks

Also known as the WZ-123, this tank is the third-generation main battle tank deployed by the Chinese Army. This tank is even faster than the Leclerc. The ZTZ-99 has five variants: Type 99A, Type 99A1, Type 99A2, Type 99G and Type 99KM.

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