10 Largest Navies in the World

Conquering the vastness of oceans is no easy task. It is not enough to merely have the will, the courage; it also requires huge and by huge, I mean really huge forces to do that. Today, we take a look at the 10 largest navies in the world.

No 10. North Korea

Navy personnel 46,000
Navy ship 708
Ports and Harbors 12
Aircraft carriers 0
Submarines 70
Amphibious craft 140

Established in 1946 the North Korean Navy, known as Korean People’s Army Naval Force is considered a green-water navy and houses 3 frigates, 20 Romeo class submarines, 40 Sang-O class submarines and 10 midget submarines equaling to a total of 70 submarines.

No 9. Turkey

Navy personnel 48,600
Navy ship 182
Ports and Harbors 6
Aircraft carriers 0
Submarines 13
Amphibious craft 8

Turkey is one of the largest sea powers in the Mediterranean and in the world.

No 8. Taiwan

Navy personnel 53,000
Navy ship 100
Ports and Harbors 3
Aircraft carriers 0
Submarines 4
Amphibious craft 39

Also known as the Republic of China Navy, its foundation was set in 1911 following the overthrow of Qing dynasty in the country.

No 7. Mexico

Navy personnel 56,000
Navy ship 93
Ports and Harbors 7
Aircraft carriers 0
Submarines 0
Amphibious craft 25

The Mexican Navy has its work cut out to defend 11,000 km coastline, but it is quite up to it through constant modernization and upgrading.

No 6. France

Navy personnel 57,550
Navy ship 134
Ports and Harbors 9
Aircraft carriers 1
Submarines 10
Amphibious craft 10

Officially known as the Marine nationale, the French navy is one of the most advanced and sophisticated navies in the world which operates one nuclear aircraft carrier and 10 nuclear submarines apart from 134 regular ships.

No 5. India

Navy personnel 64,000
Navy ship 143
Ports and Harbors 9
Aircraft carriers 1
Submarines 18
Amphibious craft 7

Called the Bharatiya Nau Sena, the Indian navy not only performs defense duties, it also promotes and enhances Indian international relations through joint exercises and humanitarian missions.

No 4. South Korea

Navy personnel 68,000
Navy ship 85
Ports and Harbors 4
Aircraft carriers 0
Submarines 20
Amphibious craft 28

The South Korean Navy was established in 1945 and has been growing in power since then. It aims to become a blue-water navy by 2020.

No 3. Russia

Navy personnel 142,000
Navy ship 526
Ports and Harbors 8
Aircraft carriers 1
Submarines 61
Amphibious craft 22

The origins of the Russian Navy can be traced back to as far as the 4th century, so a navy that old and with double the number of personnel of the navy behind it, it is bound to come out as one of the strongest navies in the world.

No 2. China

Navy personnel 250,000
Navy ship 760
Ports and Harbors 8
Aircraft carriers 1
Submarines 68
Amphibious craft 121

With 250,000 personnel, the People’s Liberation Army Navy is neither small nor weak by any measure. The Chinese Navy was formed in 1949 with mostly soviet instructors and it has been a formidable force in the sea ever since.

No 1. USA

Navy personnel 332,000
Navy ship 1,559
Ports and Harbors 10
Aircraft carriers 11
Submarines 75
Amphibious craft 38

With 332 thousand personnel in active duty and a further 124 thousand in reserve, the United States Navy is the largest in the world. The battle fleet tonnage of the USN is greater than the next 13 largest navies combined.

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