Top 10 iPhone First Person Games

Continuing our extensive coverage of the iPhone and its apps and games, today we have rounded up the 10 best first person games available on the iPhone.

No 10. Duke Nukem 3D

For those waiting for Duke Nukem Forever, this might be good thing to do; play Duke Nukem 3D on your iPhone. This game is a complete port of the PC origina,l so playing it might seem a familiar experience. Nevertheless, the game is entertaining and true to its character and offers good and engaging gameplay on the iPhone.

No 9. Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front

You attempt to find out what happened to your brother in this shooter. It has a good multiplayer component too to complement its great graphics and gameplay.

No 8. Prey Invasion

A great game for value; at just $2.99 it is a great alien-killing fun there for the taking. Although the controls are not that good, the game is pretty fun to play once you get used to it.

No 7. Doom Resurrection

Possibly the only downside of this entertaining shooter is its small gameplay length; around 4 hours and even less if you are a more experienced gamer. The game controls are simple and allow for maximum fun while shooting the hell out the demons. Furthermore, the visuals and audio are simply superb and make for a pretty atmospheric gameplay.

No 6. Call of Duty: World at War: Zombies

This extremely fun game pits you against an ever-coming wave of zombies, while you defend from a bunker, either alone or with your multiplayer friends. The controls are pretty simple and this game is meant to be played in multiplayer.

No 5. Archetype

This is a fast-paced online shooter that supports upto 10 players in team deathmatch. The controls are good and the visuals are also pretty neatly done. Overall this is a great game to get hold off and playing one or two online matches every now and then.

No 4. Eliminate Pro

This is a standard first-person deathmatch game in which you must kill as many as you can until the time runs out, or your kills reach 10. Online mode also offers credits which you can use for buying upgrades to your weapons or new purchases. The controls are very good and the levels are very well designed. Overall, this is one of the best free game available in the Apple store.

No 3. Wolfenstein 3D Classic

This game contains over 60 levels of intense shooting action. The game also gives you the option of selecting from many control schemes for convenience. The game boasts good visual as well as sound, but the gameplay is way more fun.

No 2. Doom Classic

As good as the original, this game is fun for both the old-timers as well as the new-comers. Doom classic offers 4 episodes; 3 classic and 1 new chapter. The controls are good and the visuals are fine and it’s the gameplay that makes this game even better than many iPhone exclusive shooters.

No 1. N.O.V.A.

Finally, the number one game in our list is N.O.V.A., which also won IGN’s best iPhone action game of 2009 award. It has good graphics, sound and controls and is spanned over 13 stages of run-and-gun shooter gameplay. While this game is obviously HALO inspired, it is the best first person shooter on iPhone yet.

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