Top 10 most advanced tanks

No 6. Leclerc – France

Units built 862
Weight 54.5
Crew 3
Armor Steel, titanium, NERA
Speed 71 km/h

Built by Nextar, the Leclerc is named after General Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque. Currently France and UAE are its operators. The Leclerc has an eight-cylinder diesel engine with five forward and 2 reverse gears. It is claimed to be one the fastest tank on the planet.

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No 5. ZTZ-99 – China

Weight 54 – 58 tonnes depending on the variant
Crew 3
Armor Classified, Al2O3, ERA, composite, Steel 30-31mm
Speed 80 km/h

Also known as the WZ-123, this tank is the third-generation main battle tank deployed by the Chinese Army. This tank is even faster than the Leclerc. The ZTZ-99 has five variants: Type 99A, Type 99A1, Type 99A2, Type 99G and Type 99KM.

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