Top 10 iPad Apps

With iPad sales hitting the 3 million mark in only 80 days, we decided to have a look at the top apps for this beauty. Here is a list of 10 must have applications for all lucky iPad owners.

No 10. BigOven

Cost 9.99 $
Category Lifestyle
Size 2.6 MB

This application is a must have for all the iPad users especially food lovers. Just enter the ingredients available with you and BigOven will provide the most delicious recipe for you. With access to a vast library of over 170,000 recipes your taste buds will never get tired of this virtual cook book. Other features include uploading of your own favorite dishes and rating the recipes you try.

No 9. Desktop Connect

Cost 11.99 $
Category Productivity
Size 7.0 MB

This application brings your desktop PC to iPad. View and control the connected device with your iPad. Desktop Connect 2.0 with 3G offers automatic discovery of your computer using Google and Easy Connect. All you need to do is to sign in to google and your computer automatically appears in desktop connect. This app offers a quick and smooth integration of your personal devices.

No 8. Keynotes

Cost 9.99 $
Category Productivity
Size 52.9 MB

This popular Mac application has been totally revamped for the iPad. Keynote is your one stop for making stunning and complex presentation at the touch of your fingers. It also provides useful visual display tools such as charts, tables and animations.

No 7. WeatherBug

Cost Free
Category Weather
Size 1.8 MB

This is another popular application of Mac which has been introduced for the iPad. WeatherBug provides the user with in depth weather forecasts from the powerful weatherbug network. Its data stream includes satellite imagery and live CCTV cams. With this application by your side the weather will never be able to surprise you again.

No 6. Taptap Radiation

Cost Free
Category Games
Size 20.2 MB

Although iPad is in true essence a productivity tool but this doesn’t means that you can’t have fun with your device. The touch screen system has unleashed a whole new gaming genre. Tap tap radiation is one such addictive game. Based on a previous game called tap tap revenge, the game allows to tap away your favorite soundtracks on the iPad.  The game includes fifty tracks from the likes of Mos Def, Lady Gaga, Pink, David Guetta and others.

No 5. abc Player

Cost Free
Category Entertainment
Size 2.1 MB

This application brings your favorite shows from ABC to your iPad. You can stream full length episodes of all the shows such as Lost, Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. The application is very user friendly allowing easy combing of the huge video archive. Another cool feature allows you to continue the videos from where you left off.

No 4. Netflix

Cost Free
Category Entertainment
Size 3.6 MB

Netflix is another online entertainment resource boasting tonnes of content from movies to tv shows. The app is free to download but you need to pay a subscription fee starting from 8.99$/month. You can also check out the service before subscribing by using the 14-day free trial. Netflix is a complete entertainment package which will never let you bore.

No 3. Yahoo Entertainment

Cost Free
Category Entertainment
Size 16.6 MB

Yahoo entertainment is undoubtedly one of the most appealing application of the iPad. This app caters to all your needs from news, sport, entertainment, technology, culture, comics, reviews, letters to other content in an iPad-friendly format. Yahoo’s app opens to a lounge room with live objects scattered throughout. This application is an eye candy for your iPad.

No 2. Twitterific

Cost Free
Category Social Networking
Size 4.4MB

This award winning twitter client provides complete functionality of twitter at your fingertips. Tweeting is made easy and fun with this simple and elegant app. This third party application boasts super fast scrolling and easily absorbs the workflow.

No 1. iBooks

Cost Free
Category Books
Size 15.9 MB

A lot of people swapped their plans for Amazon Kindle with the iPad. This application makes that decision worth every bit. iBooks brings e-book reading closer to reality than ever. Its allows the user to download and read books of their choice from the iBooks store. The available titles are presented on a beautiful shelf to choose from. Other functionalities include bookmarking and adding notes to your favorite passages.

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