Top 10 Gadgets for Men

These days, whether your job is just a way to pay the bills or you are climbing the corporate ladder;  there is one secret weapon, that all triumphant men use to get ahead………Technology.  So why waste time trying to be the man who can do everything –  when you can invest in gadgets, that quite literally can and do almost everything for you.

No.10 – BOSE noise cancelling headphones

We all love our work mates. But sometimes sitting through the fifth recount of how their “super-hot” girlfriend scored “super-awesome” tickets to Friday’s gig isn’t necessarily the best way to finish that mountain of paperwork.

Noise-cancelling headphones are great to tune out all the static and with these ones  from BOSE even the loudest of co-workers will be a far away dream.

They’re a tad pricey – but when you think about all the time (and pain) you’ll save not having to listen to the pointless musings of your cubical family they’ll be worth every penny.

Price: $599

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