Top 10 Spy Gadgets

A spy is nothing without his gadgets like an archer without his arrows. Behind every successful spy there is a significant role of a spy gadget. There are a plenty of spy gadgets available in the market. We have sorted out and made a list of top 10 spy gadgets that a real spy would die for. We know there is a spy in every one.

Bluetooth Headset Spy Camera

You will be surely treated  with this bluetooth device plugged into your ear and nodding your head with the rhythm of the music. You can still record both audio and video without drawing anyone’s attention. It comes with a separate display of 2.4 inch LCD and has 2GB memory capacity.

CP-1 USB Spy Mouse

Beware of mouse – also the non-living ones! This normal looking 75g mouse has a condenser microphone in its belly and will catch up any nearby conversion. It will transmit when PC is switched on. It will start recording when the PC is switched off. So, beware even of the dead mouse.

Spy Camera Watch

Behind every beauty there is an eye taking a taking a deep look at you. Yes! this beautiful watch keeps watch on everyone. The spy camera has enough memory of 2GB. The data can be transferred to PC using USB port and the battery can be recharged with it.

Star Chase GPS transmitter with a laser projector

Just aim at the back of a car and fire the bullet – err – the GPS transmitter. And it will stick to the car sending information about it’s location. Hmm! Sounds really like a hollywood action movie.

Spy Camera Belt Buckle

Wear this simple belt buckle and be one in the crowd of ordinary people and start spying. Shoot everything that comes in your way being out of notice.

Bluetooth Spy Tank

Send your eye anywhere you want with this Spy Tank fitted with a camera. It is powered by 8 AA Batteries and the whole set up is controlled by Bluetooth connection.

Spy Sunglasses

Get spying in style. Be cool and film everything with the two micro cameras placed on the arms of the glasses.

Device to Listen through the walls

Someone had told me that he innovated a device through which we can see through the walls. Later he told me it’s name. It is a Window! This device is not that much silly. This device contains a very very sensitive microphone, an amplifier and a pair of earphones. You can listen through solid walls and windows up to several inches thick using this device.

Audio Transmitter hidden in Mains Adapter

This dumb looking adapter can hear and talk also! It transmits audio signals which you can receive a distance apart. This transmitter is powered by mains so that you never run out of battery.

Night Vision Goggles

This Night Vision goggles from Jakks Pacific’s EyeClops is built to see things in total darkness. The nocturnal spy can also use a knob on the right side which activates an LED light, letting you see further into the dark. The color seen in the goggles can also be changed from green to black and white.

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