Top 10 amazing wearable gadgets

Gadgets are now a part of everyday life and if you want to make it a part of your fashion there gadgets to serve that need too. Its no more being gadget freek, but rather a necessity of being called “Alive”. Here is a list of top 10 gadgets that you can wear to show off your gadget addictiveness. Don’t just have a look – get them on!

10. Wi-Fi Detecting Shirt

This T-shirt detects Wi-Fi signals near you. The decal can be removed once the shirt needs to be washed.

9. IPOD shoe kit by Nike

This Nike shoe is fitted with a miniature pedometer and an adapter to fit onto your iPod so that the pedometer data collected is transmitted to your media player. You can see the number of steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned etc on your iPod screen during your run or walk.

8. Vuzix AV310

This is a video eyewear through which you can see your movies or other stuff with a virtual 52 inches 16 : 9 widescreen.

7. MP3 Player Sunglasses

You don’t have to bring your MP3 player and headphones and all the things when you are getting out in the sun with these sunglasses.

6. USB Heating Gloves

These gloves will warm your hands when it is cold taking power from your computer’s USB port

5. Finger Nail Watch

The Timex Nail Watch will make your nail trendier displaying time, date and AM/PM in a clear format. You can change the color of the display to match your style with just a press at the tip of the nail.

4. The Third Eye

This Hard-Wear Jacket really has a third-eye built into the back of the jacket, which is similar to a webcam, and it keeps a constant live feed to a receiver that can be placed on the wrist.

3. Interactive Tattoos

This futuristic gadget would feature DNA-reader and identification technology, nanosensors and interactive “touch reading,” full voice interaction, bionic nano chips and various cybernetic components. They will be the coolest tattoos.

2. Stick on Skin Watch

This might be the perfect watch for the sportsperson or those who are style conscious. The outlines of the device are meant to be fluorescent, with the interior sporting a transparent surface so you can show off your fashion-forward sensibility.

1. MIT Wearable Gadget Gives You Sixth Sense

And on top of all is this amazing gadget which gives 6th sense. The team of MIT built the Sixth Sense $350 prototype using off-the-shelf components-a simple web cam and portable battery-powered projector with a small mirror-that are fashioned into a pendant-style necklace that communicates with a cell phone.

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